Internship - Mercedes me Charge Overseas starting April 2024 (2024)


Becoming part of Mercedes-Benz means finding your individual role and workspace to unleash your talents to the fullest. It means becoming your best self in a global automotive company that has the goal to build the most desirable cars in the world. Empowered by visionary colleagues who share the same pioneering spirit. Together for excellence.

Mercedes-Benz Mobility at a glance:

With around 10,000 employees, Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG specialises in financial and mobility services. The products range from financing, leasing, vehicle subscriptions, rental and fleet management to digital services for charging and payments, as well as insurance and innovative mobility services.

Mercedes-Benz Mobility will again focus this year on the 5 strategic dimensions of the MBM 2025, one of which is Electrify our future. On the way to "electric only" charging is a decisive factor. That is why we as a company are taking a consistent step forward: We are building a Mercedes-Benz high-performance charging network. We want charging at Mercedes-Benz to become a special customer experience. In order to build up this holistic charging ecosystem as quickly as possible, there is a newly established charging unit at MBM consisting of three pillars: Charging in public, at home and in the business area.

Our "Charging Solutions" unit is internationally responsible for developing and supporting innovative customer solutions relating to "charging in and outside the vehicle" in the clusters "Charging@ Home", "Charging@ Public", "Charging@ Company/Depot ".

As a strong team, we are responsible for the successful implementation of our topics and thus make a valuable contribution to our "Electric-Only" strategy pillar on a daily basis. To achieve this, we work closely together across teams and units-within the charging unit at MBM, but also with our colleagues in Sales, Development and IT. Our working method is strongly oriented towards agile swarm logic and thrives on high flexibility and mutual support-including across team, unit and divisional boundaries. Partnership and individual ownership are crucial for us. As well as the highest demands on the results of our work, the "joy of constructive discourse" in the interest of the best solution. Without personal sensitivities, but with the clear ambition to "think and jump forward boldly ".

Your activities in our Business Development Mercedes me Charge China & Overseas team include supporting in market/product development topics and steering different projects for the overall development of the charging service under your own responsibility. The current focus is on markets such as Australia/New Zealand, Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, India.

These challenges await you:

  • You will be involved in the development of holistic (digital) customer solutions for charging services and charging infrastructure in all use cases
  • You will work independently in various subject areas related to international product rollouts, further development of digital customer products as well as in the management of marketing and communication efforts
  • Preparing competitive analyses, strategic decision-making documents and top management briefings
  • You will work in the facilitation of workshops and management meetings with internal and external international Partners

The focus of your work can be individually adjusted to your knowledge and personal interests.


To be successful, …

  • You are studying business administration, business informatics, industrial engineering, or comparable
  • You have experience with digital products / services, preferably with customer facing
  • You are interested in the areas of charging / e-mobility / energy supply
  • You are passionate about the future of mobility
  • You find it exciting to deal with new trends and opportunities in a dynamic market and technology environment
  • You are a personality who likes to take on responsibility and is self-motivated to take on new challenges
  • You are fluent in English, both written and spoken; German is a plus

Yougenerate Interest when you …

  • have proven entrepreneurial thinking and acting,
  • bring international and intercultural experience (e.g. from living abroad),
  • have a confident demeanor and very good communication skills,
  • demonstrate assertiveness and negotiation skills
  • stay calm in a volatile and highly dynamic environment

You can look forward to …

  • a modern andinspiring working culture
  • a dynamic and international environment with terrific, motivated, and smart people
  • a very successful and globally leading employer
  • a flat hierarchy with opportunities to create and have an impact
  • diverse learning and development opportunities
  • flexible working times
  • a high degree of involvement and responsibility
  • and much more

Additional information:

It doesn’t work completely without formalities. When sending your online application, please attach your CV, certificate of enrollment, current performance record, relevant certificates, if applicable proof of mandatory internship and the standard period of study (max. 5 MB) and mark your application documents as "relevant for this application" in the online form.

Please find the criteria of employment "here".

Citizens of countries outside the European Trade Union please send, if applicable, your residence / work permit.

We particularly welcome online applications from candidates with disabilities or similar impairments in direct response to this job advertisem*nt. If you have any questions, you can contact the local disability officer once you have submitted your application form, who will gladly assist you in the onward application process:

Please understand that we no longer accept paper applications and that there is no right to get your documents returned.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact HR Services by e-mail at or the "Chat-Bot" on our career page via the speech bubble symbol at the bottom right.

Internship - Mercedes me Charge Overseas starting April 2024 (2024)


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