Automated tow tractor | Warehouse robotic tugger (2024)

Automated tow tractor | Warehouse robotic tugger (3)

Automated tow tractor | Warehouse robotic tugger (4)

Automated tow tractor | Warehouse robotic tugger (5)

Automated tow tractor | Warehouse robotic tugger (6)

Automated tow tractor | Warehouse robotic tugger (7)

Automate horizontal transport


The automated tow tractor can be configured to pull various numbers and types of carts, offering a reliable, automated solution for a variety of repetitive warehouse tasks that require large loads to be hauled over long distances, like:

  • Sequencing in assembly operations
  • Transporting product from one conveyor to another
  • Kitting separate items to be supplied as one unit
  • Stock replenishment and material hauling
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  • Robotic Tow Tractor Spec Sheet
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Industry Sectors

- Food Distribution and Processing
- Warehouse & 3PL
- Wholesale Distribution
- Home Centers
- Retail & E-Commerce (DC/fulfillment)
- Retail Store Operations
- Furniture & Furnishings
- Auto Parts Distribution
- Health & Pharma
- Auto & Transport MFG
- General MFG

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Overcome labor limitations

Technology integration

Our robotic lift trucks aren’t one-off solutions or aftermarket retrofits. They are built in-house, with the robotic components installed during the manufacturing process, offering a tightly integrated package with greater convenience for customers and product consistency.

  1. Performance improvements. Because we provide a mature, commercially proven lineup, rather than one-off robotic projects, our robotic lift trucks benefit from experience in a wide range of real-world applications and continuous improvement.
  2. Strong continuity of supply. The majority of the robotic unit’s parts are the same as manually operated lift trucks, for reliable availability of spare parts at local dealers.
  3. Automated charging enables robotic lift trucks to return to a charging station and dock when needed, without an operator or supervisor initiating charging.
  4. Optional auto-hitch and unhitch. Depending on the application, this capability can enable the robotic tow tractor to hitch and unhitch carts between tows, enabling automated product movement with even less involvement from workers.


Robotic lift trucks locate themselves in real-time by comparing what the navigation laser detects with the reference map, allowing a robotic truck to perceive and interact in real-time with its environment, making decisions autonomously.

  1. Easily integrate robots into your facility with infrastructure-free navigation technology.
  2. Plan and modify paths quickly and simply.
  3. Quickly accommodate changes to the environment by having the truck perform a new “walk” to re-map the facility.


Our robotic lift trucks are standard lift truck models equipped with robotic technology, which enables service continuity and flexible operation.

  1. Simplify service and parts availability with a single-source provider for your entire fleet. Our dealer network is 4,600+ technicians strong, and the same certified Yale dealer who services your manual lift trucks is trained to service your robotic trucks too.
  2. Switch from autonomous operation to manual control with the touch of a button or by moving the tiller, allowing an operator to take control as needed.


Robotic lift trucks can be rapidly deployed and scaled to accommodate changing business needs.

  1. Get up and running as quickly as you need with zero, partial or full integration with facility warehouse management systems.
  2. Scale up the fleet easily by deploying additional units to handle peak periods, unexpected demands, additional tasks or to expand capacity as operational requirements grow.
ModelLoad CapacityTurning RadiusBattery Capacity VoltageOverall Width
MO150T (robot)15000lbs5624v/425-600Ah31.3

Automated tow tractor | Warehouse robotic tugger (8)

The GSA creates a centralized location for the federal government, offering products, services, and facilities needed for federal agencies to serve the public. As a GSA certified company, Yale supports the GSA’s mission to provide innovative solutions for federal agencies with cost-effective and high-quality products. You can also find more information on the General Services Administration at

Support throughout the lift truck life cycle

Knowledgeable, reliable dealers make all the difference

When it comes to collaborating with a lift truck dealer, you can’t settle – you need dealers wholly focused on your success. When you purchase equipment or technology solutions from Yale Lift Truck Technologies, you gain access to our independent dealer network. “Independent” means our dealers are not constrained by factory ownership or corporate red tape.

Our dealers are entirely focused on fulfilling your needs

  • A seamless experience, from order to factory to ongoing support
  • Effective recommendations and responsive support, from parts, maintenance and
    emergency services to fleet management, rental trucks and operator training.
  • Expertise and guidance on special features and allied products and services for your
    warehouse, like racking, guarding and safety equipment.
  • Assistance with financing options.

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Automated tow tractor  | Warehouse robotic tugger (2024)


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